Monday, August 25, 2008

Tennessee, Represent! (or Mea Culpa)

This is Cynjon from Tennessee saying hello! My friend Enchy (ummm, I mean "Diane") convinced me to join in on this project (okay, it didn't take much convincing, really)...which I'm looking forward to with a small bit of anxiety.

See, I'm not really a beader. All I know about beading is that the string goes through the hole, after 15 minutes, my eyeballs start bugging out, and my fingers dexterity (or lack thereof) gives evidence to my coffee addiction.

But I'm still looking forward to the project...even being a non-beader, I've still managed to amass quite a good collection of beads...I've always enjoyed the look and feel of them, and have never allowed my lack of use of them to stop me from buying them!

Looking forward to seeing what folks do and getting to know y'all!


a2susan said...

You'll be just fine. Simply put one bead on, then another. You can always look up Robin Atkin's books about bead embroidery, and there are lots of books about fiber and embellishing. If you can, spend an hour browsing through the craft magazines and bead books in a bookstore. But you're in great company and will have lots of support. Welcome!

flyingbeader said...

But Cynjon you make the most fabulous dolls! You can do this!


KV said...

Welcome, Cynjon -- you'll be a beader in no time flat while participating in this project!

Kathy V in NM

Robin said...

Welcome to a non-beader-soon-to-be-beader... With Enchy's help, you'll sail into this, no sweat! For the BJP, my motto is... "It does not have to be perfect and I do not have to be perfect." Robin A.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouragement, folks...and thanks, Dot!

I like your motto, Robin!

jacquie said...

I always notice that it is the non-beaders who come up with the most interesting and innovative ideas regarding designing!!!