Sunday, August 31, 2008

Getting Started!

Hola, all!

For those who've known me a while, hi again - I admit I've been lax on the international beading community in the past 2 years - I admit I've had quite a few distractions. For those who don't know me, hello! My name is Mary LeMieux-Ruibal but I'm also known as Celticat.

I've been getting all my ducks in a row to participate in this year's Bead Journal Project. I'm sticking to what Robin said - small is beautiful. I've decided on a 4 x 4 format to keep it 'real' and am using actual images from my sketchbook that I keep daily. Anyhow, I've posted my humble beginnings out on my blog.... Questions, comments & complaints are appreciated! I actually keep two blogs - one for bead art, and the other for life in NYC. If I am seeming a little quiet on one, it's most likely because the other grabbed all my attention. (Beads? Life? Hahahaha!) I'm going to be lurking among the blogs and keeping an eye on everyone - any blog links would be appreciated for mine so I can hook up quickly!

Happy beading!!
-That Celticat Chick


abeadlady said...

Welcome Celti,
Can't wait to see what you do with your sketches. You will fit right in with the BJP group. Tell Bruno hello.

Robin said...

Hey yourself, Celticat... and welcome! Your ducks in a row are looking mighty fine! Can't wait to see where they lead you and I love your sketch. Robin A.