Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hello from really green Oregon

Hi there...I'm bobbi kirk aka beadbabe49 from Beading at the Beach and this is my second year doing the bead journal project. The project itself was a wonderful challenge for me but the community of beaders that formed around the bjp is what brought me back this year. And a special thank you to robin and the cadre of volunteers whose hard work is making this year possible for all the rest of us!
I have several ideas for this year, but since we won't be posting photos here until december, I feel like I might be able to cheat a bit and try out a couple before declaring my final choice, lol!
My motto this year is, "No Pressure"!
(For the folks new to blogging, if you click on the "Beading at the Beach" up above, it will take you to my blog...)


abeadlady said...

Hi Bobbi,
Have you recovered from your busy summer yet? Like the new pic on your blog. Can't wait to get started on this year's BJP.

beadbabe49 said...

I have...hope you had a good one...I tried to keep up with all the bjp'ers but didn't always make it!

KV said...

So glad you are part of this blog group, Bobbi!

Kathy V in NM

heidibeads said...

Welcome back Bobbi! Glad you're going to be a part of it again. Looking forward to your wonderous projects.