Monday, September 29, 2008

September BJP Finished

I've finished my september piece here...sleeve on back, whipstitched around the edge and hanging from an old I can start thinking about october....

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My September bead work is done!


I'm new to the BJP this year and I thought I'd say hello and let you know that I've finished my bead project for September. I've posted pictures on my blog and I wrote about my inspiration for the piece. After an anxious start, I had a really wonderful time playing with beads. I hope that everyone is enjoying working on their projects!


September 2.0, A Spirit Doll

I'm making good progress on my September project 2.0. It's my first Spirit Doll, and I'm making it for a close friend. You can see it on my blog.

I don't know if I would have had the nerve to make a Spirit Doll before I started the BJP. So thanks for the inspiration!
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Friday, September 26, 2008

September Page Started

As the month draws to a close, here I am, sewing down those first beads, getting the page underway.  As usual, there were a lot more events and particularly more work, than I anticipated. Last weekend, there was a huge power failure and accompanying power surge here, and this is what happened to the surge protector in my studio. There was a lot of toxic smoke but no fire, and, amazingly, all the things plugged in - stereo, TV, lamps, computer, all still work fine.  The smell is still very much with me, despite all the scrubbing and cleaning, but diminishes all the time.  I work with a sweater on and the windows open these days!  Anyway, my work got finished, my deadlines are all met, and now... I can begin my September page.  I'll post my progress as I go.

Nearing the end of the month

It's getting close to the end of the month. How is everyone doing? Is everyone beading? Learning all kinds of things about fabric and beads and choosing a theme or not? I remember my first page from last year - I was so excited when I finished, so full of energy about visualizing my feelings through beads. Have you all started a blog? Are you encountering any problems you want support with?

Please check in and let us all know how you are doing and make our blog an active one!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fun Without Beading

It has been so much fun to see everyone's projects and read about their processes. I feel like I've learned a lot while enjoying all the different beaded pages. It's fascinating to see the variety of ways beaders approach the BJP. We're all working with the same major ingredient--beads--but the results are so different.

So thanks to all of you who have shared your work! I feel challenged and inspired both in creativity and in technique. It's a great start for the year.

And thanks, too, to everyone who gave me suggestions about photos. I'm getting the hang of it.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Monday, September 22, 2008

September Finished

I couldn't resist...I just had to finish my September piece. I probably won't finish them all early but I found this format so enjoyable. Something I really liked to do, with a structure but lots of freedom and flexibility within that structure. I posted a picture to my blog, so you can see it here. Thanks for looking.

I've been making beads for a bead show (Bead Bonanza in Southfield MI on 10/4) but have taken some time to do some experimenting for a bead or 2 for October's piece. The ultrasuede color is a nice pumpkin color.

September BJP Finished

Wow! Finished my Sept. page. The smaller format is a lot easier as far as demands on my time go. It didn't turn out quite as well as I'd hoped, but it's in a style I haven't really attempted before (sort of free form bead encrusted work). If you'd like to see....go here.
Cheers all!

Friday, September 19, 2008


September is rushing by, but at least I've been able to spend a little time each day working on September's piece. I am really enjoying the rhythm of this project. I usually try to work on it early in the morning (7 a.m. at our house) for 30 or 45 minutes, before the day gets busy. This is my meditative time, when I really appreciate the journal part of this project. I think about the themes I'm trying to illustrate and what is going on in my mental landscape.

I've adopted a few strategies. I have several books on bead embroidery and am trying to focus on a few pages each month, really learning the stitches and techniques I might have just glanced at before, thinking 'I get that'. But you don't really GET it until you do it, several times. So I'm really learning at a basic level.

Also, since I like to make lampworked glass beads, I've decided to incorporate at least one bead each month, and am trying different bezeling (sp?) techniques. I'm focusing on netting this month...who knows what I'll try in October. Also, I'm finding I don't won't to fill up my entire square (3.5 inches). I like the negative space, especially since I'm using ultrasuede and the colors are beautiful. This month my color is a light pear green.

Finally, a fun story. I was meeting a friend for lunch yesterday. Coincidentally, Susan, who has an exhibit of her 2007 project at Findings in October was there and stopped by to see what I was working on. I told her that her project had inspired me to sign up for the 2008 project! What a thrill!

I'm looking forward to October...theme will be circles.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sept BJP in Progress + Thoughts About Backing

I've just posted some pictures of my September BJP piece in progress (maybe half finished) here on my blog.

I've been following the posts on the BJP blogs about backing for bead embroidery and found myself wanting to make comments and suggestions. Today I wrote and showed pictures of how I deal with the backing (stabilizer) in my work. It's the second half of this post on my blog.

Visiting your blogs, reading and seeing about your progress and keeping up with the BJP blog is a delightful experience for me... takes time, but is soooooooooo well worth it!

Happy beading, Robin A.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blog Struggles

I'm enjoying playing with my blog, but every once in a while (ok, make that often) something happens that stymies me.

For the second day in a row it's uploading the photos so the orientation is correct. Are there any solutions other than making sure the photo is wider than it is tall?

I don't mind lying down to look at the pictures, but some people might find it inconvenient.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Monday, September 15, 2008

It might be October... It might not...

I just couldn't stop once I got on a roll with these beads o'mine. I've started another piece based upon my sketchbook, but I'm not sure if it's a 'freebie' or actually going to be my bead journal page for October.
Since no pics here... it's out on my blog - so click here!

Hope everyone is happy beading!
-That Celticat Chick

Beaded Pin

I've just about finished a beaded pin. You can see it on my blog.

It was a fast project--just a few evenings. I still have to put some fringe on it. That's always fun because I try to make each fringe (strand of fringe?) different.

I'd like to sign the pin on the black ultrasuede backing before I give it away. So far I haven't been successful in finding something that won't rub off the ultrasuede. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Sunday, September 14, 2008

CathyW in Houston

A quick note to let everyone know let Cathy and her family are all right in Houston. They don't have electricity yet but they are all doing well.

Kathy V in NM

Getting Started

It's great to see people starting and finishing their Sept. pages. For those of you who are not sure yet what size or theme you are doing, remember to check out the FAQS section on the homepage. Several participants from last year wrote in their experiences of working on the project.

Hello Everyone

This is my first post to the BJP08 blog and my first post to any blog. I have so much to learn about blogging. That sounds so funny to me, because I head up an IT department. When you do that, people tend to think you know everything about every thing computer related. Way back when I started, I knew most of the important stuff. Now, I hire kids who are a lot smarter than I am. But, enough of that.

In the way of introduction, I am a 54-year old making her way through life. I was married for 28 yrs, divorced, and now live with the true love of my life, Jeff.
I've been an artist/craftsperson for as long as I can remember, love being outdoors, reading, sewing, beading, knitting, crocheting, crazy quilting, cooking, playing with the neighborhood children, blowing bubbles, and cuddling with my minature dachshund, Wylie, and chocolate. I've lived all over the U.S. and in Italy. And finally, the day I do not learn something new is a wasted day.

I thought long and hard about a theme for my bead journaling. Ultimately, it came down to the questions I've been asked or have asked, an quotes that started contemplation and meditation on answers or responses. The contemplation continues and the answers change or elude me altogether. I thought the journal could help the contemplative process. Guess we'll find out. September's question is "What were you like when you were a child?" So I've gathered bits and pieces I still have from my childhood and we will see what comes out of it all.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bead Mat Pattern

Earlier I asked if anyone had the pattern for bead mats. I went on E-Bay and found the two exact books I needed. I posted photos of the books on my blog if you're interested.

I haven't started my September journal page. I have the design in mind. I just need to find the time to get it done.

Sweet P

Hurricane Ike

I'm writing in the hope that anyone in the BJP project is safe and out of harm's way of Hurricane Ike. There have been so many storms and hurricanes in the lower U.S., and nature's wrath can be powerful.
Susan at beadinspired

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Using Labels and Other Reminders

So - it's me again. Now that we are in full swing, I'd like to repost some info from Robin:

For this BJP year, I've already determined the acceptable labels for your posts. Please stick with these labels. It will take a few posts to get them all in the index. In this post, I've added all the months. If you post about your work for a specific month, you can use the appropriate month label for it.

When you post, click on Show all at lower right of posting box, and choose appropriate label(s) from the list shown.

The reason to limit the possible labels is because it's easy to get too many labels (confusing) or ones that are too long (hide the down arrow).

Hope this is OK with everyone. If you feel it's important to add a label, please ask Diane M. (our blog master) about it. Thanks!

Please note... there are too many of us to label posts with our names. Instead, please sign every post with a link to your blog, website or email, as I have done below.

Robin A.

Blogging Tips

Hi - it's me again - the blog "angel". There are a lot of new folks joining us this year and it's been requested that I post some information about easy ways to post to Blogger, so here goes -

* If you want to add a link to your blog (or any other website) in your post: Click "New Post" Type your entry into the box. Highlight the words you want to link to by left clicking the words and dragging the cursor over them. They will turn blue. Then click the icon that looks like a green circle with a link on it. A window will pop up that says "script prompt". In that window type the URL of your blog. For example, the URL of blog #1 of the 08 Bead Journal Project is ""

* If you want to add a photo to your post do the same steps to make a post but click on the icon that looks like a photo (the 2nd one from the right). From here you can either upload a picture from your computer by using the buttons that says "browse", finding the picture on your computer, the clicking 'upload the image'.


to use the 'add an image from the web" feature, type the URL of the picture into the box and click 'upload the image'. The URL of the picture can be found by right clicking the picture and going to 'properties'.

* If you want to add the Bead Journal Project to your blog -

First 'right click' on the button and save it to your computer.
Then on your blog, go to 'edit layout'.
Pick "add a gadget".
Then pick "picture"
In the 'link' field type
In the 'image' link chose "from your computer" and upload the graphic you've saved.
Click "save" and you're done.

I hope this helps - If you need help, feel free to email me.


Monday, September 8, 2008

September begun

but not finished can see it here, or wait until December...your choice...

bobbi k.


For ease in keeping track of the three blogspots and their postings, I subscribed to bloglines (free) and then I can just check at the one location.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hello from Kat

I'm from Newport News, Va and I am so new at blogging that I just spent the last twenty minutes trying to figure out how to start. I guess I should have read the little words at the top of the page. I am not new to beading, or to most kinds of fiber work. Cindy from Suffolk Va, who figured out how to do this much sooner than I did, is my best friend and she pretty much made me do this. Thanks Cindy, so far this looks wonderful. All the images from last year's journals made my head explode, and I'm really enjoying all the art based chatter. I love talking to artists. Like Cindy, I'll be working on a loom for my journal pages, but my pieces will probably be in the 18" x 24" range. I'm thinking about using the same colors and basic concepts for all 12 of my pieces so I can turn them into a big wall hanging at the end of the year. I read the "rules" for the BJP, and boy, do I love those kinds of rules: Do whatever you want, make them all the same size and toss a bead or two in. Good rules. Here's a question, when I start to put my final piece together, can I chop up some of the panels and piece them in to other panels? Or would it be best for purposes of the project to have 12 whole pieces?
Can't wait to get started.

Finished with September!

I managed to finish my piece faster than expected! I am in the school of thought that a piece isn't finished until it's in it's final frame or manner of displaying, so I've actually mounted mine onto a small 4 by 4 inch canvas and it's ready to hang on the wall. I actually can't wait to dig into October's sketchbook design!

Since we're not posting pictures yet... click here if you wish to see it. (It's optional!)

Happy Beading!
-That Celticat Chick

Saturday, September 6, 2008

i'm not sure how to add a link, so ...

WOW - I somehow managed to get a photo of my finished September page on the Flickr site. I didn't know i'd be learning all this cyber-stuff as a result of joining BJP! But it is well worth the effort, and who knows, someday i might start my own blog. Of course, i have no idea how to insert that cute little highlighted 'goto' flickr into my text yet (!), so I made this post to let you know it's there for viewing, along with a few others. BTW: I used to view the slide show from last year and stare at my screen mezmerized. Can't wait to see what eye candy this year brings.

Backing, etc

Okay, I keep reading about backing/stabilizers/, fill a new beader in. Why are these used, and how important are they? What little beading I've done has always been on 3-dimensional pieces, and just little touches for detail, never on a flat piece of fabric where most of the surface may end up utilized.


Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm done too....

I'm finished too! I can't believe it, but i have already completed my first panel for the BJP 2008! I guess there was so much anticipation to begin, a lot of it was already thought out. I choose a 4x4 square since i was thinking about using a coaster for support and i had a dozen 4x4's in my stash. Alas, i didn't use the coaster, but now have a ready made template for the month's to follow! The fabric was purchased for a doll making course on Joggles I never got around to doing. For the class i had bought a selection of black and white fat quarters since my mom loved b&w. The doll was intended to be a tribute to her, but it just wasn't the right time to create. But now was, and so i choose the fabric with the most movement in it. September was the month my mom died last year so the panel would be interpreted to represent her passing. I found a lovely mosiac face and hands from Sculpted Windows that really spoke to me and knew i had to use it. I had clipped a lock of my mom's hair after she died and found a little glass bottle to put it in. I used #723 delica's and generic black 15's and 8's because i wasn't looking for uniformity - death is not so clear. Red coral chips and 4 mm circles completed my supplies. Taking Grace's advice, i added a layer of cotton batting between my ultrasuede and stiff stuff. I was surpirsed at the weight the panel has and am glad i added the batting. It is difficult to explain, but it feels very calming to hold...SORRY ABOUT ADDING THE PICTURE. ITS NOW IN HIBERNATION UNTIL DECEMBER!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Please, no BJP pictures here until after Dec. 1

Hate to mention this again, but everyone please note that we are not posting pictures of our BJP work on any of the BJP blogs until after the third month.

We did that last year too. So after Dec. 1, it's OK to post BJP pictures here on the blogs. Before that time, you are welcome to post pictures on our Flickr page and/or to your own personal blog. And please post a link to your pictures here on the BJP blogs. That way people who want to see your work can go there, while people who don't wish to be influenced in the early stages of the BJP can choose not to view it.

Thanks so much,
Robin A.


Hello to all the new members and returning 2007 members. I am not feeling ready to start beading since the weather here along the Maine coast is so beautiful. But if this weekend we get the predicted winds and rain, then I'll start. Once again it will be fun to see what everyone does.

September's Project Completed!

I finished my September journal page. You can see it on my blog.

I am pleased with the process and with the result. I learned a lot, and that was fun. Of course, seeing what everyone else is doing is fun, too.

I still wonder if I chose the best stabilizer and if I should go with a larger size. And how I can photograph the shiny things.

Now what? Another page for September? Start the October page? Some unrelated beading?

Vacuum? No, not that!

Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Blogger Troubles?

It appears that quite a few people did not receive their invitation to become authors on the BJP blogs that were sent last month. If you did not receive your invitation, or if you know someone who did not receive theirs, please email me and I'll fix you right up.

diane.moore at gmail dot com

Looking For a Bead Pattern

I have posted photos of two beaded mats made by grandma on my blog. They are not my Journal project for this year. I am looking for the original pattern book.

I hope it's OK to post this here. If not, just let me know.

Sweet P

getting started!

My journey into beading was just beginning when it was suddenly thrust into full gear. Monica had a 'doll of the month club' on e-bay last year and i collected them all. Mind you, i didn't bead them, just collected! I tend to 'accumulate' things until the time is right to use them! Around this time, my father suddenly died and my mom moved to TX to be near me. She was a peyote stitch bracelet maker - just wonderful stuff. I started showing her the 'world' of fabric/doll beading out there. Monica even sent her a gift which she completed beading before her unexpected death last September. I felt a great need to start beading - to do the things my mom did - and by using her beads join her in my process of expression. I took a beaded cuff class and was amazed at how i could actually do free-form! I've always been a 'follow the directions' type of gal. I moved onto the pile of 'collected dolls' and wanted so much to make them look just like Grace's! But i found my muse takes me on a different journey where i like to 'interpret' the fabric. So here it is September again. My piece is started - it will incorporate a tiny glass bottle with a snip of my mother's hair, done in black and white and crimson. Praise to the internet for allowing us to enjoy each other's work - i find it all truly inspiring and know my mom is happy.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Is it September already?

I'm new to the BJP this year and am looking forward to it. 2008-09 has many personal challenges ahead for me and I'm hoping to let the bead journal help me sort it out. I'm from South Lyon Michigan, near Ann Arbor, and am mainly a glass beadmaker, but I'm drawn in many different directions...seed beads, bead embroidery, PMC, glass fusing....etc.

I have a shape and symbol plan for the year, and will let the beads and experiences guide me. Hats off to all of you have participated before and returned, and a grateful thanks to those who make this project possible.

Flickr Group

A lot of people participated in the flickr group last year and it was a lot of fun so I've set up one for this year - HERE IS THE LINK - Come and join in the fun!


Problems getting started?

Hello everyone! I am really, REALLY excited to be part of this Project! I think I have my "shape" picked out, but I haven't started beading yet, so it's likely to change.

Here's a thought for those who have not settled on a shape or theme - just start beading! Let the beadwork tell you what it wants to be! If it's keeping you from getting started, just don't think about the shape of the outer edges... start somewhere in the center. Use a piece of your backing large enough that you can work in any direction and make it any size.

Here's to a GREAT year of beautiful beading and personal discovery!


Are we still going to be posting on the Flickr site, currently labeled 2007 Bead Journal Project?  I surely hope so. 

Another Newbie to BJP

Hello, My name is Renetha and I live in Ohio. I just started beading this year and am looking forward to working on this project. I have not decided on a project size yet, but I do have my ideas ready for each month already. This is going to be so much fun.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Well, here goes.  The fabric is ready, backing paper waiting, beads standing by.  Time to begin!

-- Lois B

September Nearly Completed!

It has been lots of fun to look at everyone's blogs and see what they are up to. It is humbling to see what beautiful art BJP participants are making.

I, too, started early. Somehow I thought that when we got the info about setting up the blogs that it was time to start beading. Newbie enthusiasm, I guess. But it's nice to know there are no bead police on patrol.

My September piece is nearly complete. It has been lots of fun and it has gone faster than I expected. It has brought back some neat memories.

If you want to see what I'm using, go to Crackpot Beader.
Marty S

September completed

Bead Journal Project - ahhhhh, my madness starts or continues...I had an idea for the first month based on a bird that I saw on my way home from work one day, but my hands and the beads led me into a different direction - and me, being me - I just blindly followed my beads. My September piece is finished (so don't click on the link if you don't want to see it) and I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I have a motto that I thought up in a moment of deep thought: "Life is a puzzle and it's up to me to solve it." I know, I know, it's pretty hokey, but sometimes the solution isn't easy to find.

The Bad Liz

My first page

Ok, according to my clock, it's September 1st. I had started on my page a couple of weeks ago. It's very personal for me and you can see it and read about why I had to do it early.

Click my name and thank you for coming by.