Monday, August 25, 2008

Hello from Northern NM

Hi! Sarah (aka Beadnik) signing in for a new year of BJP. I loved last year's project, and managed to keep up fairly well. This year I'm going to work on a smaller size 'canvas', the 6x6 inch format last year left me a lot of room to work, but this year I think I'll work on 'saying' as much in a smaller area. I'm going to do the ATC size (2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches). I'm looking forward to seeing all the great work the journalists will come up with this year. I'll be keeping my 2007 blog.
Cheers all,


beadbabe49 said...

Glad to hear you're keeping your blog as it's on my beadroll and I won't have to change a thing...thanks!

KV said...

Yay, Sarah -- good to see you will be participating again this year!

Kathy V in NM

Robin said...

Welcome back, Sarah! I look forward to following your blog again this year. Robin A.