Thursday, February 26, 2009


I've updated my blog with pictures of Dec., Jan., and Feb.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elemental Water - complete

Elemental Water is finally done! All I have left is Elemental Earth and the whole series will be done and ready for Bead Dreams! Check out the full panel here.


December BJP is done!

Greetings fellow beaders!

At long last my December piece is completed. You can see and read all about it on my blog:


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thought I might give up, but...

I'm restarting with something small - beaded buttons!
I hope Cindy who "warmed-up" with them and the participant from last year who did them won't think I'm a "copycat". I've wanted to play with beaded buttons for some time. Thanks to Ellen ( for suggesting this.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Phantom blogger...

Hey everybody. I feel like a phantom blogger. I'm working on my journal pages, I just haven't put them up... I think I've been intimidated by the blogging part. I've been keeping up with reading your entries but haven't done any myself, since the introduction one. So here it goes. My pieces are 4 inches by 6 inches. I'm using various techniques, weaving beads on a loom, weaving tapestry on a loom, bead embroidery with a paper backing, needle-felting and quilting.
I finished the bead embroidery part of September's page in August (I was a bit excited) but got stuck on weaving the background. So I went ahead and did Oct and Nov and Dec, but felt like I shouldn't put them up, until I finished the rest of Sept. September's is now finished and I'm working on January, so I'm still a bit behind, but coming along! Not to mention out of order.

Click here to go to the Copperloom blog - to see pictures....I need to work on better photos - but these give you an idea.

Friday, February 13, 2009

To Lois B

Oh dear, Lois... we will miss you so much. I understand if it lifts your load to opt out of a monthly commitment like this... But, rats... Your work has always pleased me very much. Glad you're planning to stay in touch via the blogs. Take good care... Robin A.

PS... For unknown reasons, there wasn't an option to leave a comment on your post... That's why I'm writing this way rather than leave a comment to your post.

Oh, Well...

There is just too much life in my life, so, reluctantly, I'm bowing out of BJP for this year. I'll be following your progress, but there just aren't enough hours in my days to keep up. You are all amazing artists and it has been a privilege to come on this journey with you. Perhaps I'll have it together in time for next year.

-- Lois B

EDIT -- I don't know why comments were disabled. I think I've fixed that now.

Hearts & flowers

My February journal entry  beading went very quickly. I love hearts, so in addition to the glass heart beads I had, I was able to create two hearts on the fabric: one was already a heart shape in the material which I outlined, and one I created by using pearls and again I outlined it with 15s. Hope you like this month's journal entry. Go to February 2009 and click on the photo to see an enlarged one and the description.

Thinking Ahead... and a Poll

I have put a poll up on the sidebar of my blog and would love to get your input. I am thinking ahead about what I might do with my 2008-2009 BJP pieces when I finally get them finished (embroidered cuff bracelets, like this one) and want some opinions about how to do it. The link I provided is to my blog entry where you can leave comments.

Thanks in advance!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Not all hearts are red

I finished my February page this afternoon and is up on my blog for all to see. I hope you enjoy it.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

January Finished

I've just written about my january page...A Long and Winding can see the whole piece here on my blog.

Elemental Water update

Scanned it this time, so you can see it in much better detail:


Saturday, February 7, 2009


I had a good start this month and have the following to show for it: Ms. February

Double Infinity - Febrruary's done!

Okay - i must say i'm beginning to like the 4x4 size again! Not too sure what i wanted to do, so i let the beads decide! I'm really happy with the end piece - it is really a play on the softness of the heart. No harsh day-glo pinks here, they all meld into each other and shine. Also - I tried a new approach for adding my back suede piece - i tacked it directly to the cotton batting and found it was much easier to attach. However, i made it on the slightly small side so the piece takes on a bit of a curve which is okay since i kindof like it! See it here or here!

I admit I finished it a while ago

I was whipping out my journal pages so fast, I was beginning to feel as if I were posting too much. So I thought I would wait until February to actually POST my February Bead Journal Page. I haven't begun my March page, but I will be traveling to Europe in a few days and have my project ready for the plane. My 'sneak peek' is actually a photo of most of my bead journal project pages next to each other - you'll have to click Here to see what the final February page looks like.

-That Celticat Chick

Friday, February 6, 2009

January bjp pin

You may see my January pin on my blog.

Speedie is done!

I got my February doll done & wanted to share with you. This is another one of my "Dumpster Dolls" & a recycled McDonald's Happy Meal stuffed toy. I haven't got a name for these. I really am not very good at naming my pieces, so help would be greatly appreciated. My newest piece is here on my blog.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Let it snow, let it snow. It's close to a record snowfall for us this winter, so snowflakes were a natural choice for January. I made the large snowflake with clear and white glass...very simple. I made 2, not sure which one I would use. The other I wire wrapped into a simple necklace for a friend's birthday, but forgot to take a photo.

I lost another friend to breast cancer in January, so it is no wonder that I'm ready to be done with winter. Angie left 3 sons, 1 still in high school, and many, many friends. She was a dedicated special ed teacher and inspiration to us all.

The complete photo can be seen on my website. February means a little more daylight. And the first week of March the red winged blackbirds come back to our pond, so there is hope.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

January Journal Completed

Robin - Thank you so much for finding the error for me. I had corrected it before posting, or so I thought. Anyway, here's a new entry about my January Journal entry, which I did finish in January, even though it's being posted in February.

The Chinese New Year was the perfect theme for my January Journal, as I love all things Asian. I create Chinese brush paintings, mainly of flowers, and would like to learn Calligraphy. A good friend of mine, Angela Chang, painted the piece I used as my cabochon for this piece. It's the Chinese symbol LU, for prosperity for the new year. The colors I used are explained in the description of the piece shown on my web site. To access my site, click here on January Bead Journal.

I have brooches I've made which also include Angela's calligraphy. You can see them at Calligraphy Jewelry.

Once on my site, click on the photo of the piece about which you would like to read. You'll get a larger picture and the description of each. In order to see the rest of my jewelry, click at the top on Gallery, which will take you back to the main page showing all the main albums, and then click on Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry.

I'm not sure how to get rid of my previous January blog, but I'll experiment and see what happens. Otherwise, you'll have two blog entries to read but only one will connect to my site. Hope you enjoy the visit.

Monday, February 2, 2009

January Journal Completed

Hi again -

I finished my January journaling in January - way to go! But the 29th. I'm really happy with it. The Chinese New Year was in January, which was perfect for me, as I love all things Asian. I love to create Chinese brush paintings, mainly flowers, and Calligraphy is something I'd like to learn but don't do now. However, I have a good friend who does, Angela Chang, and she did the piece I used as my cabochon. To see my January piece click January Journal Entry
I just realized that I hadn't written that if you go to my site to see my pieces, you need to click on the journal piece you want to see for a description of it. {Robin wrote a lovely note for my December piece and asked what the stone was. I just read the blog today, so I'm a bit late responding. If I had let you all know how to see it before now, you could have read a description of each to get an idea of what I was about. (I used a Ruby Zoacite for the Christmas part and a Drusy for the Chanukah one.)}

Hope you like my January entry. I'll try to check the blog more often. I'm still a novice, as I didn't know how to make sure that Robin saw an answer to her question.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Round and round... Elemental Water update

Latest progress photo here.  There is hope that I'll get the last 2 panels done by the April 9 deadline.


Starting February on the 1st!! Double Infinity

Well I sifted through my bead collection today and think i've found those i want to work with! My focal point is a red tatted heart i bought on e-bay. Perhaps i might add beads to that too....It will be interesting to see what the finished product looks like - check back to find out!