Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Remembering Cindy

This is a bit off topic... but very much ON topic.

Many if us knew Cindy McCornack. Cindy once wrote a small book called Exploring Beaded Art Dolls which had instructions, inspiration, and photographs of bead dolls. She died three years ago of cancer leaving a huge collaborative project of beaded 'mystery panels' completed by many artists unfinished. After years of tracking down, constructing, and gathering the unfinished project we have now published the panels as postcard sets and have them for sale on Etsy.

Only a few people knew what the final image was to be and now they are all together - all proceeds from the sale will go towards cancer research at the American Lung Association. As a group, we received many beaded works that were a part of Cindy's estate - there will be regular listings of beaded art dolls, beadwork pieces and supplies that were a part of this estate. All sales will continue to the end of the year and in January 2009, we will close up the shop and donate any remaining items to the Minneapolis Textile Center.

Please share this information with your friends, family and anyone you feel would love just a little more inspiration. Dulcey Heller has also posted a beautiful tribute on her blog:

I just hope that these amazing panels will make a difference in fighting cancer.

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Double Infinity said...

OHHHH- they are just amazing! I've got to get the set of cards for inspiration!