Friday, October 3, 2008

October is here and on my blog

Happy Autumn and October, Everyone!

I do so love this time of year! The warm days and crisp nights, the full moons, big and bright, all the changes happening. Time to gather in all our harvests and get ready for the winter that always comes much too quickly. So, I offer to you my page for the month.

WARNING: If you are arachniphobic be forewarned, I have a spider as part of my page.



J said...

Z'Anne Love your October page. Halloween ties with Christmas for my favorite holiday. : )

Where in Oregon is Sandy?


Who also lives in Oregon, in Eugene

Z'anne said...

Hi J!

Sorry I haven't gotten back sooner. It's a busy time of the year for me.

Yeah, it's a hard choice, Christmas with presents or Halloween with tons of candy. ;)

Sandy is east of Portland, on the way to Mt. Hood.