Friday, October 17, 2008

October's Golden page is done.

Well, i finished my October piece the other day and am really enjoying the process. My parent's were married in the month of October and the only anniversary they were apart was their 50th, so i decided to make it a 'golden' page. I found a really neat spiral glass sun, and even though it has a bale, i knew i could make it work! When I first put it on top of my chosen fabric, i know it was the right choice. Then i found some cool glass tube beads in the most amazing earth tones. I decided to use 5 of these for 'rays' - significant in 2 ways - the 5 golden rings (!) and the fact that there were once 5 members in my family, where now it it only me. I can feel myself learning to trust my instinct and even allowed myself to put sequins on the piece! I can even see myself using fibers one day! I guess i am evolving into a textil-ist (?), but don't worry, there are lots of beads on this piece too! I think my favorite part of the piece is holding it up to the sun. I used square beads for my border which are amber lined and then i used bronze delicas and a clear teardrop with a copper center for the 'fringe', so it really shines! I love how a piece tells me when it is done - take a look at the Flickr site and have a look.


Marty S said...

What wonderful thoughts went into this piece! It's lovely!
Marty S
Crackpot Beadersio

Jacquie said...

I saw it on Flickr, and I hadn't read this post yet, now I know what the spiral is made of :o) Very nice symbolic piece and bead choices!

Celticat said...

I peeked at Flickr, too - I didn't leave a comment yet, but I LOVE the whole story behind the piece! Lovely!
-That Celticat Chick

Robin said...

Hope you don't mind... as an administrator, I can actually alter any post on this blog (although it's something I've never done in the past). But today I added a link to your Flickr page that shows this piece. It took me a while to find it, so I thought it would be nice to make it easy for other readers. It's a very lovely piece! Robin A.

CC said...

I'm so glad Robin added the link! I really like this piece! The colors are wonderful, as well as the symbology! (Is that a word?) ;) And don't ya love to see how light affects the beads!?
Good job!
Warmest aloha,

Double Infinity said...

Thanks for all your nice comments - they are really appreciated. But I guess i need to do my homework so i can do the link -thing in future listings. Thanks so much for helping out this time Robin. BTW: I found the perfect fabric and focal piece for my November piece - but i will wait to start. GOtta work on my dolls for a few weeks!

Carol said...

This is a really nice piece. Simple and symbolic. I love it.