Friday, October 17, 2008

Flikr Question

I'm mystified. Again. When I go to the 2008-2009 BJP Flikr site, I can only see some of the photos posted. To see all of them, I have to sign in to Flikr.

But it seems like I can see all of the photos for the 2007 BJP, which I did not participate in, without signing in.

Am I missing a step in trying to get to the 2008-2009 BJP Flikr site? Any ideas?
Marty S
Crackpot Beader


Robin said...

I too had this problem... Hope someone can figure out the solution. Robin A.

Robin said...

I may have somewhat solved this issue. I just went to our Flickr page and joined this group. After receiving notice by email that I was accepted, I could then see all of the posted images.

It's goofy that I could see some, but not all of it, until I joined... I totally don't understand that, but it's good that I can see it now.

Hope this helps... Robin A.

2008 Bead Journal Project said...

Yes - you need to join the group to see all of the pictures. The issue is what options people use when they upload their photos to their own flickr account. If the photos are tagged, for example that only contacts may see them, then you can't seem them if you aren't a 'contact' or not a member of the group.