Monday, September 8, 2008


For ease in keeping track of the three blogspots and their postings, I subscribed to bloglines (free) and then I can just check at the one location.


heidibeads said...

I like this idea but can't find bloglines - any clues how to get there from here? Silly me.

MizDenise said...

Not silly -- we are all learning!

MizDenise said...

I found a great bloglines feature -- the ability to search from the bloglines screen. You can search the web or restrict your search - to just the blogs you've subscribed to, for example.

Last night I used to look up something I'd remembered being discussed on one of the blogs, but couldn't remember where. To find earlier posts discussing backings, I went to the search window and entered "backing" and restricted my search to the blogs I've subscribed to. (I have subscribed to all three BJP blogs, plus the comments from all three blogs.) Up popped summaries of all the posts on the three BJP blogs with the word "backing." I've got my settings to open links in a new window, which left the search window open to return to.

Thanks, DeeD. for a great idea -- I am so much more comfortable with the 3 blog situation now!

heidibeads said...

Oh, cool, more stuff to read through and yes, learn. Thanks!