Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hello from Kat

I'm from Newport News, Va and I am so new at blogging that I just spent the last twenty minutes trying to figure out how to start. I guess I should have read the little words at the top of the page. I am not new to beading, or to most kinds of fiber work. Cindy from Suffolk Va, who figured out how to do this much sooner than I did, is my best friend and she pretty much made me do this. Thanks Cindy, so far this looks wonderful. All the images from last year's journals made my head explode, and I'm really enjoying all the art based chatter. I love talking to artists. Like Cindy, I'll be working on a loom for my journal pages, but my pieces will probably be in the 18" x 24" range. I'm thinking about using the same colors and basic concepts for all 12 of my pieces so I can turn them into a big wall hanging at the end of the year. I read the "rules" for the BJP, and boy, do I love those kinds of rules: Do whatever you want, make them all the same size and toss a bead or two in. Good rules. Here's a question, when I start to put my final piece together, can I chop up some of the panels and piece them in to other panels? Or would it be best for purposes of the project to have 12 whole pieces?
Can't wait to get started.


heidibeads said...

Hi Kat! I don't know about chopping up the panels but I did have to tell you that I used to live in Newport News - Village Green area, oh so many years ago. I lived in Williamsburg, too. Welcome aboard, looking forward to your panels.

Robin said...

Hi Kat... sorry I didn't see your post earlier.. hope you check back and get this reply.

First of all, congratulations to you and thanks to Cindy for getting your going on both the BJP and blogging! Good job on your very first post!

About cutting up your pieces at the end of the year... I wrote the rules for the BJP and there's nothing in there that says you are limited in any way with what you do in the end with your pieces. I think as the year goes along, you'll find that they will lead you in some direction... so my only advise is to be open to whatever they suggest.

Robin A.