Sunday, September 28, 2008

My September bead work is done!


I'm new to the BJP this year and I thought I'd say hello and let you know that I've finished my bead project for September. I've posted pictures on my blog and I wrote about my inspiration for the piece. After an anxious start, I had a really wonderful time playing with beads. I hope that everyone is enjoying working on their projects!



Celticat said...

I love the circular theme you've chosen - it's GORGEOUS! Your stitchwork is perfect!
-That Celticat Chick

Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

What a gorgeous piece your have beaded for September. It is lovely -- and I certainly enjoyed my visit to your blog -- my first visit there. Love your big kitty too :-)

Margaret Sutherland said...

Places as a theme is very inspiring. Lake Superior is beautiful and I love the little heart shaped rock. This piece will mean something to you long after the project is done. It is beautiful!

The bad Liz said...

Since I am born and bred in Michigan, I love Lake Superior! I've camped up on it's shore many times (and even had the tent come down over my head in the rain and I still like the place).

The lake has many moods and colours and one days it will like you and one day it won't.