Friday, September 26, 2008

Nearing the end of the month

It's getting close to the end of the month. How is everyone doing? Is everyone beading? Learning all kinds of things about fabric and beads and choosing a theme or not? I remember my first page from last year - I was so excited when I finished, so full of energy about visualizing my feelings through beads. Have you all started a blog? Are you encountering any problems you want support with?

Please check in and let us all know how you are doing and make our blog an active one!



Margaret Sutherland said...

Hi Susan...finished with September and ready for October. How are you doing? Thanks for checking in!


a2susan said...

Hi, Margaret! Your bjp for Sept. is wonderful. I love the way you incorporated your lampwork bead into the piece.
I've finally started working on mine, for some reason I just couldn't get going this month - maybe empty nest syndrome hit me harder than I realized.

The bad Liz said...

Hi Susan - September is finished and about 3/4 of the way through October. Loving this - of course I am!!

Stay warm!