Wednesday, December 9, 2009

HI from Chilly Minnesota...

Hi everyone!

My dear Mom took a turn for the worse a week ago and we thought her time among us was at an end. So my sister (who lives in Everett, WA) and I flew back to MN to be with her. Luck for us, she has rallied and we are spending some quality moments with her.

In the meantime, I've been having a little time to bead again with Julie, Pam and Brenda, all three BJP participants living in St. Paul, MN! Tomorrow we're going to Pam's for another session. We're having great fun talking about our ideas for BJP 2010. Brenda's working on a special beaded box that will hold her 2010 pieces. I won't spill the beans about it, but it's going to be amazing! Pam's talking about wanting more texture, more dimension to her pieces. Julie is still very undecided. Me too, although I have lots of ideas and I'm pretty sure I'll do some shape other than 4x6, the postcard shape I've been using for the past two years.

What about YOU????????

Will you be with us? I hope so!!!! There are only 5 more days to register. Really, truely, it is not hard. If the registration information on our website seems to difficult or doesn't work on your computer, just email Pam T or me and tell us you want to be in. We'll take care of it.

One current member emailed me to say she hadn't finished this year's pieces yet and therefore felt she shouldn't do it again. My answer is this: Don't be bogged down by last year's business... If you think you'd like to try it again, go for it. Let 2008-09 rest and move on!!!

May you all have a deliciously wonderful holiday season. May your stockings be filled with fabulous beads!

Hugs to you all,


beadbabe49 said...

I'm so glad you're able to spend this time with your mom and that she's doing better! What a great gift for you all!

And happy holiday to you too, dear robin...hugs all around.

Lois2037 said...

Best wishes for all of you and your mom!

I'm betting that Minnesota is not much colder than it is here in the Pacific Northwest right now. Brrrrr!

How wonderful you get to spend quality time with family and beaders. I was thinking along the same lines about this year's BJP, so I'm in again, and will see what happens. It's just too much fun to pass up.

Happy Holidays!

-- Lois2037 (formerly LoisB)

Evelyn and Lise said...

Happy to hear you had quality time with your mom. My mom is 88 and lives with us. This past year I can see that she is slowly going down and I am glad that we can be here for her in her last years. Will be doing the 2009-2010 BJ It should be great as I read that many beaders have great ideas and can't wait to start. Wishing your a Blessed Christmas Robin and also to your family. Lise