Wednesday, August 12, 2009

June's piece, Finally

HI All -
I recently returned from a several week road trip to the SW: AZ, NM, and CA. It was unbelievably wonderful; lots of firsts. I didn't work on any BJP pieces while we were away, so I'm a bit behind, but catching up fast. Here's June's entry. Click on JUNE BJP to see it. Click on the photo itself to get the description. I'm so enjoying this.

While away, I did work on a wall hanging, as a gift for my Chi Gung teacher's 60th birthday; we did a week's workshop with him while in CA and they had a party to celebrate his birthday. I created this piece, as I was so inspired by all of you and this whole journey; I hope this isn't inappropriate, as I would like to share it with you. Here the link in order to see the finished piece. Bruce's Gift Again, click on the photo to be able to read the description of the elements I used. This was the first time that I've left so much of the material showing. It's a 7" circle.


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Robin said...

Totally amazing and totally appropriate to show the birthday piece. What a gift you gave him!!!! I love the way you did the spirals (spiral shell forms) and all the symbols... everything about it!!!

Also love your desert-scenic, hot-air-balloon ride piece for June. WOW! Wondeful how you conveyed the sense of the SW in such a small area. Makes me want to go there right NOW!