Monday, August 31, 2009

Double Inifinity - JULY page finally done!

Okay, i admit - it's been awhile since i visited this blog. I've got a 7 and 9 year old and kind of got distracted with amassing a stash of Victorian celluloid buttons this summer. Now that they are back in school (yipee!) and i've got an amazing collection (!) I finished July's page in only a day! It is on a blue batik-like cotton which had swirls and dots all over. I used this really cool clear triangular beads lined in blue and a red hex bead to outline the swirls. The border is a row of crystal triangles topped with the red hex and white and blue 15's.

Since my father was in the navy, i though i should pay tribute to his service, so i went through all my buttons (!) and found 3 with anchors. Note i painted the blue last night - that one was all gold, but didn't seem to quite work.

I like this page alot and find it ironic that it looks so much like my September page which honored my mother. Seems i'm just a swirly gal!

BTW: My oldest was born in August so she told me it has to be the BEST one. I've already got an idea, and will get to work this afternoon. Hope to have it done soon.

Question: how long does this blog stay 'open' to readers since August was oficially the last month? I'm glad to be back but sad it's now ending.

Oh - here is a link to the Flicker site to see my page up close:


Robin said...

July - red, white, blue!

Dad - Navy man!

Swirls - Mom and Dad (some red, some blue... maybe showing that Dad needed Mom in his tribute?)!

I love the layers of meaning that come forward when I look at this piece! Even tho this piture is click-to-enlarge, I'll go over to Flickr to see more.

YES, the BJP blogs from both years will remain open indefinitely. We will have a new blog for 2010, but the old ones will remain open for "old business."

KV said...

I like this one a lot!

Kathy V in NM

pam T said...

I like this too. Love the buttons!