Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Let it snow, let it snow. It's close to a record snowfall for us this winter, so snowflakes were a natural choice for January. I made the large snowflake with clear and white glass...very simple. I made 2, not sure which one I would use. The other I wire wrapped into a simple necklace for a friend's birthday, but forgot to take a photo.

I lost another friend to breast cancer in January, so it is no wonder that I'm ready to be done with winter. Angie left 3 sons, 1 still in high school, and many, many friends. She was a dedicated special ed teacher and inspiration to us all.

The complete photo can be seen on my website. February means a little more daylight. And the first week of March the red winged blackbirds come back to our pond, so there is hope.


flyingbeader said...

Burrr...makes me cold, but snowflakes are so beautiful too. Got home this morning from work to a 0 temperature. It was frosty, but the snow banks were twinkling with light all the way home. And STARS! MY O MY...the sky is so clear this Winter. But yes! Like you I've had enough Winter. The lampwork snowflakes is delightful. So have you settled on hearts for this Month??

Robin said...

Dear Margaret... thank you for posting, for sharing both your loss and your hope. Hugs, Robin A.