Monday, February 2, 2009

January Journal Completed

Hi again -

I finished my January journaling in January - way to go! But the 29th. I'm really happy with it. The Chinese New Year was in January, which was perfect for me, as I love all things Asian. I love to create Chinese brush paintings, mainly flowers, and Calligraphy is something I'd like to learn but don't do now. However, I have a good friend who does, Angela Chang, and she did the piece I used as my cabochon. To see my January piece click January Journal Entry
I just realized that I hadn't written that if you go to my site to see my pieces, you need to click on the journal piece you want to see for a description of it. {Robin wrote a lovely note for my December piece and asked what the stone was. I just read the blog today, so I'm a bit late responding. If I had let you all know how to see it before now, you could have read a description of each to get an idea of what I was about. (I used a Ruby Zoacite for the Christmas part and a Drusy for the Chanukah one.)}

Hope you like my January entry. I'll try to check the blog more often. I'm still a novice, as I didn't know how to make sure that Robin saw an answer to her question.


Robin said...

Hi Susan ~ Sorry to give you this news, but the link you put in this post doesn't work. I tried to find you by looking on the member list on Blog #1 (which should be the complete list of members), but there is no SusanR.... I hope you see this comment and will fix the link as I'd really like to see your January piece and read the description! Thanks, Robin A.

Beading Butterfly said...



SusanR said...

Thank you to both Robin & Kassie. I was trying to make the jump open on a separate page, but I've been unsuccessful.