Sunday, January 11, 2009

Okay, almost there.

I have almost caught up to where I should be. I have posted November and January's BJP pages on my blog but I wanted to give you a teaser of my favorite one so far. There is more to see so be sure to visit my blog.
Now that I have set my eyes upon my inspiration, I am moving right along with a lot of projects.
You may be asking why November and January but not December-- well I have a pattern that I drew years ago that I am hunting that I want to bead on my December page. It will go quickly but I didn't want that "Word" to get away, since I am using words for my BJP. If you wanna know more about the chosen words you will have to look at my blog post to understand.
Have a blessed day and enjoy all the pretty beads.

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Celticat said...

WOW! You're really whipping these out! I love the whole tag idea! Bold is my favorite so far, too - love the look of the beadwork around the ram! (Or is that a sheep?)

-That Celticat Chick