Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What happens when you're TOO inspired??

I admit the bead-journal addictions are getting a little too much... I've finished January. D'oh! I've uploaded it onto the Flikr group, as well as wrote a bit about the whole page on my Contemporary Bead Art blog. Despite the fact I've already picked out the image from my sketchbook that I will tackle for February 2009's page... I'm going to dig into a few other projects to slow down.

-That Celticat Chick


Robin said...

It's fine to work ahead... and your enthusiasm is refreshing and contagious! Also your work is refreshing, compelling, exciting, spirited and unique!!! The buffalo will be the same... I'm looking forward to it. Seeing all 12 pieces together will be amazing! Robin A.

Sabine said...

Indeed you are overtaking yourself, it's like Beadolympics. And the lovely work you do at this pace! I honestly adore it all.


heidibeads said...

You go girl! I'm enjoying your work so much. Can't wait to see the buffalo!