Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm behind....

...I'll confess out loud. I have been reading and viewing blogs all over the world thanks to this project. And loving everything that I see!

Then Facebook. Damn Pathwords. I believe that I am addicted.

And November sits on my workbench. Sad. Lonely. Dejected.

I've been working on ID badge lariats for Christmas gifts and have about 16 more inches on the last one.

Then November will be happy. And December.


Carol said...

O Liz, don't be too upset. There are a lot of us behind with all the holiday preparations! So what. We will all be comfy and cozy catching up on our pages in January!

The bad Liz said...

Thanks Carol. I was kindof hoping that if I confessed out loud, it might the kick start that I really need!