Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What can I sat about Savannah Georgia?

It won my old heart. I am not sure what captured me about this beautiful city. The people all seem genuinely friendly and full of hospitality that only the south seems to provide. It is a natural way they have with visitors.
I felt welcome, something I had never felt in all my travels as much. We landed in Atlanta in the hottest heat wave in over 30 years. The heat was wet with humidity. We drove our rented car into the charm of historic Savannah. The cobbled streets and antique mansions from days long past stood warm and welcoming. I felt a strange homecoming even though I had never been.

Exploring River street with the tourist trap styled stores that offered an air conditioned shopping experience made a slight dent in my pocket book.The river front across the street was filled with huge barges and ships of every size and style. The breath taking views and historic store fronts were a historians heaven, full of bricks and cobbled buildings. We had to drink our weight in sweet tea to replenish the fluids lost in the 103 degree weather. Sweet tea is the liquid staple in the south. Not the sad imitation at your local McDonalds.
We ate, there are fancy restaurants and local eateries all around this tourist town. We ate at a great river front grotto named Luey’s that will forever be remembered or my tea glass never empty and the best fried shrimp poboy I ever had the pleasure to consume. Our happy friendly waiter was a hoot and I thank him for out afternoon fun stop. Savannah Sweet shop with mouth watering Pralines. Oh Boy...

We ate another time at the Pink House Inn. Our meal was divine. The dessert was called Pecan Basket. I have never had a better dessert and my mouth is watering just remembering it. Then we completed out visit with a Sunday Brunch at Lady and Sons.

We stuffed ourselves yet again but this time on Paula Dean’s Fried chicken and cheddar biscuits, bbq ribs and fried corn…

I think when I visit again, and I surely will, I will rent a vacation house on the gorgeous Tybee Island and live there for a week. With my feet on the ground I know was meant for this California born Jersey Girl to walk on again and again. I left my Heart in Savannah


SeaPug said...

this was not meant for this blog
I meant it for my own blog and do not know how to change it or delete it. I am sorry

Diane Lithgow said...

i enjoyed your notes on this place and one day if could be on my visitor list.
diane, NZ

a2susan said...

Sea Plug. It's a lovely entry. If you want to edit it, go back to where you write a new post, and look for edit/delete post. Put a check in the box and you can delete it. But maybe cut and paste first so you can put this post in your own blog.


Julie said...

Im glad Im not the only one who does this. It looks wonderfulthough. Julie C