Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Would you believe this???

I actually started my March page quite early since i knew i was taking an on-line class with Sharon Boggin. (It is just fantastic though i really don't like embroidery:)) My block was going really well, and then i had a decision to make: should i 'velvetize' the leave first, or sew the beads onto the stems? Well i choose the later, so that when i used my heat tool to riase the velvet effect of the MArvy pen, I MELTED MY FIRELINE and had to rebead the stems!!!!! Needless to say, i put it aside for awhile (!) but i just finished the stems and i must say it looks great. I think I will add some luminerie paint to the lady's dress, and then sew the backing on. Of course, my picot edging takes me awhile to do, so keep an eye out - it soon will be done!!!


Robin said...

Did you write a post on your blog about your March BJP? If so, will you give us a link to the post?

Thanks so much! Robin A.

Double Infinity said...

You know - i don't have a Blog YET but i'm thinking one day....I really enjoy reading through others and it seems a good way to share my journey! That is why i REALLY REALLY like this project :)However, i am still trying to get rid of the dust bunnies that collected while my girls were toddlers - they are now 7 and 8 - and it is spring which means many hours to be spent getting my yard to look just right! If only i could get by with less sleep!